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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stumble Upon

That's right! I'm a stumbler!!!

What is it?
A free service where the individual can like or not-for-me ANY internet page.
The user may click stumble to go to a random liked page in one of their 'interest' areas.

How will it help my Etsy shop?
I will help you get found! It is a free marketing tool that is randomly reaching out to world who want to see what others like.

Has it helped me?
I'm not sure honestly. I've gotten a lot of views from it and since starting it several sales. I do not know if those sales came from Stumble or another venue though.

In the end:
It's free marketing for your shop or for people who want to promote their favorite items from the web. It's also neat to see what others have found (I don't use this a ton, but am always surprised when I do use it with the cool sites others have found!)


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